7 Of the Best Tips To Save Money On Your Move

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7 Of the Best Tips To Save Money On Your Move

Moving to a new home is a big deal. Taking all of your possessions and relocating them isn’t easy.  We try to make the big day easier on you by doing the heavy lifting (and avoiding those tricky door frames), but I’m sure many of you would love to know how to save a few more dollars on the bill at the end of the day.

Well, lucky for you, we happen to be the accommodating sort.  Here are 7 of the best tips to save money on your next move.

1)   Lose All The Clutter!

Moving to a new home is a big change, but there’s no better time to decide what’s really important to you.  Not going to use that old bookshelf anymore? Get rid of it! Sell it on Used Victoria, or Craigslist. Hold a garage sale, and make a few dollars on things you don’t need. The more you get rid of, the less you have to move, and the more you save!

2)   Pack It All Before Moving Day

We do offer our clients the full service option of having us pack their items safely for them, but if you feel up to the task, packing everything up yourself in time for moving day can save you money. Have a look at some of the moving tips on our website. If anything is left un-packed, or disorganized, it can take our boys longer to do the same job, so do try to be thorough!

3)   Have A Flexible Time Frame

This isn’t always possible, but if you are willing to move at a time that works best for the mover, you can usually save some money in the negotiation.  The middle of the month might be a slow time for a mover, and a good time to get a cheaper quote.

4)   Prepare The New Home

Sometimes moving out of the old homestead is so exciting that it’s easy to forget some important things about moving in. Prepare parking for the moving truck ahead of time. Plan where you want your items to come in, which rooms you want the large furniture to go to, and by all means make sure you have a key to the new place (it happens). If it’s an apartment building, speak to the building manager to arrange for elevator access.

5)   Buy Moving Boxes

This might sound crazy at first. Why should you buy boxes to save money on moving expenses?  The answer is, they’re the right size and quality for your move. Scrounging boxes from the grocery store, or liquor store might seem like an easy way to save a few dollars on materials, but the extra trips back to the truck, and the additional time it takes to pack these items will quickly add up on the hourly rate by the end of the day. Trust us. Buy good boxes, and save money.

6)   Disassemble Large Pieces

There is usually more to a big bed than just a big mattress. Custom bed frames require some disassembly before they’re moved. We’re quite willing and capable of doing this, but if you feel like doing it yourself, it can save some extra time. Same idea applies to dining room tables, kitchen hutches, or any other large fixture requiring disassembly.

7)   Pizza And Beer

No, not for us (tempting though that is). It’s a common piece of wisdom that many hands make for light work. A few dollars on the standard friendly  pizza bribe, and a little bit of emotional blackmail should net you some help from those you know best. We won’t allow anyone on the truck for insurance reasons, but we’re more than willing to accommodate those wishing to lend a hand where they can. With the right help, the move will fly by, and save you a little bit extra for the piggy bank.

Posted on March 7, 2013