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Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us:

  • All went really well with the move. The guys were great and took good care of our belongings.
    I will definitely call for any future moves and recommend your company to anyone else who is planning a move.

  • Hi Andrew,
    The move went well. Pretty much settled now. Just a few more boxes to unpack.
    The guys were all very good and got everything moved in a timely manner. Even had to lift a couch over the deck to fit into my living room – thank goodness!
  • Hi Andrew,

    You and Chris did a great job. I still can’t believe you got it all in that locker.
    I appreciated that you took a moment to connect with me personally. That helped me with what was an emotional time; leaving my home after so many years.
    I’ll be seeing you guys again when you move me in to my new digs.
  • You wrote to Reinhard, but I  also want  to let you know   HOW  pleased we were with your move and with all your men !  We are bragging to Family and Friends about the wonderful work you did, and so friendly and helpful, it just was a pleasure to have you do this for us !  Too bad we don’t feel like moving again, but we would have you for it any time again !
    We most certainly will keep spreading the word !
    Thank you again and all the best to you all in your future work !!!
  • Your guys were AMAZING! Right on time, super friendly, made my move easy! They were very respectful of my belongings,
    and were kind enough to take the time to put my beds together and even gave me a few  tips for my furniture on the wood floors.
    Best part was they finished early so my final bill was less than my already very reasonable estimate YEAH! What’s not to love about that.
  • Everything went well with the move. Your guys made quick work of everything despite me being no help at all since I was righteously hungover. I carefully took apart all the boxes and flattened the paper since we will be moving again in a couple of years, and I anticipate we will use your service to Calgary at some point in the spring/summer of 2018.

  • Your crew did a wonderful job of moving our belongings from Arbutus Ridge to Bear Mountain.  There was no damage to anything.  I can’t say enough about how good the boys were and how hard they worked.

    We will definitely recommend Foster’s Moving & Storage.

  • The move went very well. The guys were quick and efficient. I keep saying that the move went well, it’s the unpacking and getting settled that will take the time.

  • Positive Aspects of the move:
    – you guys were ver courteous
    – you personally jumped in to spare Andrew more pain
    – there were challenging aspects of the move that your team overcame
  • I will post my very positive thoughts when I get a moment. Your team were outstanding. They were not intimidated by the multi location move and treated us and our belonging with respect and humour. We really appreciated that your cousin was able to step up and help with the move. Both guys were outstanding.

  • Thank so much for an easy move! We were very pleased with the care and efficiency of the load and unload, the timeliness of the guys, plus these were the friendliest movers that we have ever met. We’re happy to recommend Fosters moving as a great Victoria to Vancouver company, with friendly staff that exceeded our expectations.
  • The move went well, and the guys where great. They all followed direction well and where very respectful towards our staff and belongings. If we ever move in the Victoria area again, I will be sure to give you a shout. I have passed along the invoice to my accounting dept. to process a cheque, so you should be receiving that soon. Thanks again for all your help.

  • The move went well thanks. The movers were great and handled all my belongings with care.

  • We are very happy with the job you folks did, and will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.

  • Hi Andrew, yes you did good work- on both ends.  My friend, Scott, received the Grandfather’s clock (now known as Ben) in one piece and gave your guys a beer!  I am not on Facebook, but I will refer you to people that might need your services-even myself when I move in 10 years or so!
    Best regards,
  • The move was fantastic and your crew were just wonderful . We can’t thank you enough. Jacob ,Jeff and others worked very hard. We will recommend your company . No worries here. We don’t do Facebook  however. It could be an age thing  . Hope you continue to be busy and all the best in the future.
    Cheers Sharon and David
    Sharon and David
  • It all went well…the guys were very nice…will refer to you when the opportunities arise…nice to use local businesses

    Janice L
  • Everything was great fast and efficient!!!
    Thank you!!
    Jessica D
  • The move went extremely well from my perspective and I will be happy
    to write a review to say so.   I was really impressed with the way
    your company kept in touch and helped guide me through the process.  I
    knew exactly what to expect from you at every step.  I was also happy
    with the friendliness of everyone involved.  All has arrived in great
    condition.  I hope I don’t have to move again soon but if I do I will
    definitely contact you again.

    Karen D
  • The move went very well.  Your men were excellent at packing cheerfully and putting all the items like a jig saw to fit in our smaller condo.

    Virgina D
  • Professional, friendly service about sums it up.Corey was polite – cool, calm and collected,an asset on any team, no question.

    Derek W
  • “I recently completed my third move with Foster’s Moving.   I relocated from Vancouver to Kelowna and was thrilled that Fosters would accommodate my recent move even though I was not on Vancouver Island.  From my first small move to this last large move each move has been a very positive experience.  I found Foster’s to be most professional and go beyond what was required or expected.  From assisting with an economical storage location to taking great care with all my belongings, and I have a lot of belongings!   Each set of movers were prompt, courteous, personable and most pleasant to deal with making each move less stressful and easy.  Both Andrew and Jacob were fantastic in communicating and making sure all my concerns were taken care of and I was totally impressed by the overall experience. For anyone wanting the services of a professional and personal company I would totally recommend Foster’s Moving.   Lori “

    Lori S
  • I would just like to take this opportunity to make mention of the two movers we had for our move from Qualicum Beach to Victoria.  The two gentleman that helped us, Andrew and Gary, were absolutely amazing!  Not only were they extremely efficient and professional, they were very calming during what can typically be a stressful time.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  As a matter of fact, I have a friend who may be making the same move within the next couple of months and he is planning on using your services.  Thank you both again for your awesome service!  My husband and I are very grateful.

  • The move was not without its challenges, moving was stressful.  However, your staff were extremely helpful.
    I got a call from the road with an update about the truck problem and then they followed up to let me know
    what was happening and what time to expect their arrival..  The information was really helpful.
    Kenny and Andy were polite and enthusiastic, they worked well together.  Kenny figured out how to load all the
    things correctly onto the truck and he did an amazing job.  I think he was pretty stoked about that.
    Unloading the truck went very smoothly.  I noticed that everything was moved very carefully so as not to scratch
    or bump into the walls.
    All and all  the move was a very positive experience with knowledgeable staff.
    Thanks again for the great service.


    Gina T
  • We were very happy with your work (and the price) and will be recommending you by word of mouth to anyone who may be moving in the future.
    Thanks for your service.

    Phil M
  • I wanted to let you know that your guys were amazing….very quick and efficient especially with all the oddball stuff I had.  Hopefully I won’t need to move for awhile, but when I do, I will be calling you.


    Lori A
  • This is exactly why I’ve always used your company to move me.  You have wonderful customer support.
    The move went well.  I’ll continue to recommend your services to friends and family members for sure.  Thanks again!

    Paul D
  • The move was GREAT! Jacob was on site, making sure that everything would go smoothly. He even made sure there was an extra truck available should we have more than anticipated as we had some things in storage. The 3 men were prompt, polite and EXTREMELY careful with our belongings. The men worked quickly but the furniture was carefully wrapped, boxes were handled carefully. I appreciated them putting down runways so the floors were not scratched. When we arrived at our new home, they again worked quickly and carefully to unload our goods. What was best from our point of view, the move was accomplished in 7 hours.

    All in all, we were VERY pleased with the move and would be glad to give references/testimonials for your firm should you want.
    Elizabeth F
  • Everything about our move with your company was excellent. We absolutely have no complaints on any issues regarding our move. Your company was recommended by our realtor Larry P and we are very happy with his choice.

    We would happily recommend Foster’s to friends and family.
    Rene L
  • We can’t believe how wonderful all the guys were. Gary was very knowledgeable about how to pack everything and ensured all the other guys did the packing properly. He was great!

    All the guys were very respectful and a joy to work with!  They made the move stress free and we will recommend Fosters  to anyone wanting the best moving experience.  It was great and it made our move a snap.

    Dave H
  • Garth and his sidekick (sorry forgot his name) came by early Saturday morning.  They were polite, friendly and respectful of our home.  Great ambassadors for your company!

    Peter G
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the job Gary and Andrew did in loading up my U-Haul yesterday. They were efficient, extremely careful, very professional, and everything arrived in perfect shape.

    Howard T
  • Thank you Andrew.  We look forward to working with your company.  You were the best choice for us after getting four estimates.  Jacob was professional but friendly and listened to my concerns as we went through the house.

    Debra D
  • The gentlemen you sent along treated our furniture like it was their own…were very courteous and worked at a good pace. They certainly knew how to pack the furniture for storage. I will definitely hire and recommend your company. Thank you for a job well done!

    Laurie V

    I was very concerned about this move as I had a very bad experience last time I moved with another company and this was the first move that I would make by myself.
    I was impressed from the first telephone call to the first meeting that I had with your representatives. I had several quotes and subsequent dialogues with other companies but yours stood out and it was an easy choice to make to employ your team.
    I explained my trepidation to the team that came to start the move. They were kind, understanding and made me realize that they would do everything possible to make sure this move was smooth and uneventful.
    The team of Tom, Chris, Andrew and Jay made the day not only stressless but I must say enjoyable. Hard to imagine that moving day could be enjoyable, but it was. They took such good care of all of my valuable pieces of furniture and belongings, they even impressed the neighbours from where I moved and then were able to repeat this at the other end. Several people from each end told me that they were really impressed with the team, both in professionalism and their friendly and caring way.
    I want to thank you for your excellent customer service and once again, want to thank the team that made this day so pleasant.
    Yvonne W
  • Thanks  for the move yesterday.  I certainly was not expecting that.  The guys were great and I really appreciate you getting them there so quickly.  It was perfect timing; right after they left, the builder arrived to inspect the deck and the power washers were there at 11:30.
    Margo M
  • The move went really well the guys did a great job and worked really hard. Very polite!!!!  I was very happy with your company and would refer you to anyone how are planning a move.

    Shannon D
  • The team (I can’t remember their names) was great, handled everything nicely (no damage done to anything and nothing lost) and were a blast to work with. What I thought went particularly well was how easy-going they were in terms of putting items where we wanted them to.

    Again, thanks for the fantastic business and I’d definitely use your company again.

    Adrian D
  • The move went great, the fellows did a wonderful job, especially with the amount of boxes they had to pack.
    View Royal Reading Centre
    Brenda S
  • All men on the move had excellent attitude, worked like Trojans without complaint.   Move went smoothly, nothing broken, very pleased overall with the experience.  We would recommend Foster’s Moving and Storage Ltd

    Karen M
  • Thanks for the email. I meant to spark you a note after the move.
    Your guys were really great. They got down to business as soon as they arrived and never let up until the house was empty.
    Even though there was a monsoon they didn’t leave any foot prints. They are really good at deploying those runners!
    Scott M
  • This is a special tribute to Chris, who coordinated the move for Jack & Crystal during a very stressful upheaval and relocation of residence.
    Chris was exceptional in easing anxiety by his sense of humour and ‘light heartedness’.  His manner and comments allowed us all to have brief moments of distraction from the associated stressful situation.

    And, thank you Andrew for coordinating this ‘life-altering’ shift in a few lives.

    Jack R
  • Thanks Andrew, your team was great and  we appreciate your efforts.  We will recommend Fosters!
    Cora I
  • Julie was the one dealing with your guys,she said they were great, especially at the end of the move getting the dressers upstairs
    Thanks Again
    Rick Z
  • Everything was great.  Your guys are careful, friendly, and prompt.

    Reid J
  • It went quite well and they were great guys – personable, professional, respectful, and attentive. They worked their asses off and nothing was damaged – belongings or houses.

    The big snag was that just before we got to the condo the power went out for a second which put one of the elevators out of commission. We had to share the moving elevator for a 17 story building. I just can’t believe how good they were, and efficient, and careful, and fast. Awesome. A lot of our stuff is really heavy solid wood too. Seriously, I’d just be wrecked for weeks from that. Right near the end, I think Andrew T  had had enough so he squat-bear-hugged this square concrete planter full of wet soil and a tree off the dolly and just power hulked it across the living room and out onto the balcony – if I didnt see it, I wouldn’t believe it! Garth gave him an ear full for doing it on his own, it was pretty funny stuff. They are a good team.
    I’ll leave a positive review on Google & Yellow Pages for sure.
    Thanks for following up – it is a very good practice.
    Ryan T
  • Thank you again – you guys were fantastic.
    Have a great Christmas!
    Dean M
  • It went smoothly….the guys had to really struggle with the very heavy metal flat file, getting it down the stairs, around two corners, but they did it.  After that it was (relatively) easy.  Thanks a lot, they were efficient and personable.

    Karen M
  • Everything went really well, and the moving crew were excellent, very fast and nothing was damaged.
    We will definitely recommend you to our friends.
    All the best for the new year!

    Russel C
  • Very impressed with the moving crew and how they kept us informed the week of the move ; everything went smoothly, thanks again!

    Karen I
  • Just a short note to say how much I appreciated your guys and the work that they did, you have a wonderful crew and they did a fantastic job, thank you Andrew

    John O.
  • Sorry it’s taken us so long to get back to you, just slowly unpacking and cleaning the old place and working…  There should be paid time off from work for this task shouldn’t there be!  Anyways, your team was fantastic.  We were unable to secure the parking spots in front of the building but the boys were really acomodating and practically ran most of the move.  They were positive, polite and very hard working.  They told us about the pieces they were concerned about and only one old rickety shelving unit, that wasn’t ours and was “crap” broke and they were worried about that.  Not to worry, I think it was in storage with nothing on it for a reason…  🙂  I was very impressed by how quickly and efficiently they moved and worked and even packed items up for us when we weren’t completely finished.  I wasn’t expecting that but appreciated it.  You guys will come strongly recommended from us and thank you again for such amazing and prompt service.  Totally worth the money!!!


    Lynda and Dave F

    Lynda and Dave F
  • Thanks, Andrew! Your guys were super quick and friendly – Edith thought they were great.

    Deanna D.
  • This is the second time that you moved Bruce. Your men were punctual, efficient and careful. I will not hesitate to call you again when the need arises.

    David, T.
  • They were wonderful very happy with everything thank you very much

    Joanne, S.
  • I was just thrilled with the service your company provided.

    Maria, D.
  • The move went smoothly on Friday. Your guys (Jacob and Gary) were friendly and efficient.

    Joseph, D.
  • Thank you very much for helping us with our recent move. The transition went
    very smoothly, thanks to you and your great team of caring and professional

    Fran and Guy, Z.
  • Fosters Moving with Andrew Foster’s experience and over all attention to every move has been an incredible blessing to me over the years. He has moved my household six or seven times in all, up and down this Island and I am still referring him to anyone I know who has the task of a move ahead of them!
    If I ever have to move again, it will have to be Andrew and his men…..they make it all come together and smiling all the way!

    Donna, L
  • Wanted to let you know that once again we were extremely impressed with the service and efficiency of the guys that came to move us on Monday, April 29. They were fantastic.   It is companies like FOSTER’S that take the dread out of the whole moving experience.

    Thanks so much and we will definitely use again, should we ever move again.

    Jacky & Allan, T.
  • Andrew and his team moved us without a hitch—they were very carefull with all our important items and our move was an absolute breeze.

    Doug, H.
  • They walked in, laid down a carpet protector, had me name the rooms, and took great care with my furniture. Amazing. These guys are as good as they get.

    Jesse, L.
  • Andrew was very professional in his response to my booking. They were extremely helpful with a difficult move (narrow stairs and 3 floors!). Highly recommended!

    Sandra, Q.
  • The two guys from Foster’s were prompt, polite, professional, very careful with my precious objects and furniture, and took trouble to see that everything was protected in the truck. Excellent!

    Andrea, C.
  • Awesome. Professional, personable, accommodating. Highly recommended.

    Jennifer, W.
  • Andrew came to do an estimate the day I called! He wrote it out and gave me a copy. Later on he called me to let me know he over estimated! Now that’s HONESTY… When he and Jake moved all my furniture it was obvious they are an A+ Team. Very fast, efficient, pleasant and highly respectful of my belongings.

    Michelle, G.

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