Organization Creates Efficiency

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Organization Creates Efficiency

Many people dread the thought of moving, and if it is not done properly can consume valuable

time and cause stress. We at Foster’s Moving and Storage want to minimize the stress and make your

move run as smoothly as possible.

One of the best ways to make sure that a move runs smoothly is to be very organized.

Organization leads to efficiency and that will save you money in the long run.

We at Foster’s moving pride ourselves on staying organized.

-We use GPS navigation to make it to both the origin and destination in a timely fashion

-We ensure our trucks are fully stocked with tape, pads to keep your furniture safe, and straps

-We carry a fully stocked, colour coordinated tool kit on each of our trucks

-We carry floor runners for those rainy days to ensure your new home stays clean

-We carry mattress bags in order for your mattresses to look as clean as they did at the


One of the ways you can maximize efficiency is to be organized and ready for when we show up

-Leave your dressers full of clothing, it’ll take less trips, and save time

-Have boxes labeled according to what room you would like them placed in at the new home

-Have big furniture taken apart (beds, tables, shelving units) ; anything that would need to be

apart in order to get out the door

– If moving into a condo, acquire an elevator key and have parking spots available for the truck

-Have a floor plan in mind so that we know where to put the larger items

Moving does not have to be a difficult task. We at Foster’s Moving are here to make things run

as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that when we are driving away, we have left a smile on your

face. Give us a call for a free no obligation estimate today! We are here to make your move…comfy.

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Posted on February 11, 2014