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Moving Tips Victoria

Planning Your Smooth Move

Like so many things in life, the more you plan ahead, the smoother your move will go. Here’s a list of suggestions we put together to help your move go smooth.

Saving you time and money

The more prepared you are when we arrive the quicker things will go. One way to save time is to take apart your assembled items ahead of time. Basically, anything that you put together should be taken apart, things like: bed frames, desks, tables, pole lamps, and dressers with mirrors. You can also save time by bringing all the items from the upper floor down to the main level.

Book your movers

Contact Foster’s Moving & Storage to confirm your dates for packing and loading.

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Your efficient unload

When it comes time to unload your items at the new location, it’s ideal to have two people ready to direct the movers: one person to stand near the truck and let the movers know which room each item is going to, and a second person, inside the home, telling the movers exactly where, in each room, to place the furniture.

If you have any unanswered questions, please give us a call.


If you’re moving from, or to, an area of town where repeat metering is prohibited, we’ll need to plan ahead for parking. Purchasing hoods for the meters ($20/hood) is one option. We can arrange to pick up the hoods for you ($25 charge).

Our trucks have to be legally parked. The closer we park to the building the better. The added time it takes to walk to the legally parked truck is greater than the cost of the permits. Give us a call and we’ll help you make a plan for parking.

Your box of very important things

Designate at least one box for things you’ll want to keep with you – important documents, keys, jewelry, remote controls, wallets, cell phones, toiletries, whatever you’ll need. Make sure to keep these boxes separate and let the movers know which items are staying with you.

What about prohibited items?

Some things we just can’t move: flammable liquids, paints, chemicals, gasoline, propane, pesticides and other combustibles. You’ll have to make other arrangements.

Prepare your tools and appliances

Plan to have your gas and electrical appliances disconnected and serviced. Also, empty fuel from your lawnmowers, chainsaws or other fuel-powered tools.

Plan your utility connections

To avoid disruption, the best idea is to arrange to have your utilities (including telephone and internet) disconnected the day after you move, and connected at your new location the day before you arrive.

Let people know about your new address

Send change of address notices to businesses, banks, credit card and insurance companies, government agencies, friends, family, and any subscriptions or memberships you have.

Change your address

Make sure to fill out a permanent change of address form at your local post office, or you can submit the form online here.

Planning your smooth move

Like so many things in life, the more you plan ahead, the smoother your move will go. Here’s a list of suggestions we put together to help your move go smooth.

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