Moving Into An Assisted Living Home

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Moving Into An Assisted Living Home

Victoria BC has 18 different assisted living homes recognized by the ministry of health. Assisted living can be a real benefit to our loved ones in their old age, and many choose to move to Victoria for just such a reason.

There are a few things to consider when moving into assisted living however. Both during the packing stage, and during the actual move itself.


By the time an assisted living program has become the preferred choice, a collection of valuable belongings will need to be sold or given away.  The reality of an assisted living home, is that these are very small apartments with little room.  Large pieces of furniture such as couches, dressers, and china hutches will not be required for daily life any longer.  When you begin packing, sort all of your items into three categories: keep – sell – give away.

In this way, truly valuable items can stay in the family, while the smaller sentimental items can still come along.

To give yourself an idea of how much you are able to bring with you, it is important to visit the facility before moving day. If you cannot decide what to do with particular pieces of furniture, we welcome you to ask about temporary or long term storage options.

On Moving Day

Moving day takes special planning in any case, but assisted living houses will include their own little quirks. The move in should be scheduled with the home director. They can tell you when the most convenient hours will be for gaining access to elevators, how to take the shortest route to the new apartment, and what time you can expect meals.

Meal times play a large role on moving day. Those who have trouble with stairs will be crowding the elevators to reach the dining rooms. This is an inappropriate time to be filling an elevator with couches and tables. By coordinating the move beforehand, moving day will go much more quickly, and you can take some time to relax at the end of it.


Posted on June 19, 2013