Why You Should Get More Than One Moving Quote

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Why You Should Get More Than One Moving Quote

When you’re looking for a good mover in your hometown, whether that’s in Victoria BC or anywhere else across the globe, there is one universal suggestion that comes up time and time again: Try to get at least three quotes for your move.

This is more than just a suggestion from consumer advocacy groups. Reputable moving and storage companies routinely suggest that you get more than one quote. Why is that?  The answer is that it protects everyone involved.

Professional movers take pride in the work that they do, but not all movers should be considered professionals. The unfortunate reality of the industry, is that anyone with a truck and a craigslist ad can call themselves a mover. People always seem to be looking for a good deal, and there are those out there that will cut corners to save money on overhead expenses like signage or uniforms (or insurance).  There are also those that will take advantage of a consumers ignorance by charging extremely high prices for simple moves, or by sneaking extra fees into a contract.

Use A Mover With A Good Reputation

When you ask for multiple quotes, you will get a glimpse of how the mover actually operates. Do they show up to your home to provide an accurate estimate? Are they courteous and polite? Or do they try to intimidate you from asking questions? It’s easy to tell the difference between a professional and a fly-by-night operation pretty quickly.  Movers with good reputations should be more common, but without an official overseeing body, we need to keep our customers safe by providing good advice before they ever ask for a quote.

If you’re ever unsure about a moving quote, ask questions. Ask the same questions to each moving company, and examine the answers. A professional mover will make you feel much more at ease, both on moving day, and weeks ahead.

Posted on July 1, 2013