How To Pack A Commercial Move

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How To Pack A Commercial Move

From time to time, a business will find it necessary to change locations. Moving a business is no different than moving a home in theory. You will have items in one place that need to be moved to another place.  Simple right?

If only it were that easy!

Packing Smart

Businesses typically have customers relying on uninterrupted service.  You want to have as little impact as possible on the bottom line, so how do you accomplish this?  By packing smart.

  • Take an inventory of your business holdings.
  • Look at your calendar to determine what materials you will require to maintain scheduled business.
  • Sort your inventory into two groups essential and non-essential.
  • If an item is essential, give it an expiry date (eg: Pack this 2 Days before moving day).
  • Draw a floor plan for the new space. Make sure everyone knows where they will be working.
  • Plan and draw out where each large item (desks, filing cabinets, photocopiers etc.) will go.
  • Speak to service providers (such as electrical, waste collection, and Internet service providers) to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Schedule the move as early as possible for a day that will impact your business the least.
  • Give your clients plenty of warning about the move, and when it will happen.

Staggered Packing

By sorting items into Essential and Non-Essential categories, you can stagger your packing to make moving day that much easier.  It is possible in some situations to begin moving the smaller non-essential items before moving day.  This will make your move faster, and easier, saving you both money and time.

It is common for commercial moves to have larger items. Make sure your team of movers is aware of these items, and knows where they will be going once you reach your next space. Unlike some of the smaller items, these will all be moved on the same day, so having your floor plan drawn up is extremely useful.

Hopefully, a few of these tips will help you to keep the impact of your commercial move at a minimum. Have a look at some of our other common packing tips for more help on safely packing away your possessions.

Posted on May 14, 2013