Home Sweet Victoria

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Home Sweet Victoria

What a trip! We just returned home from helping a customer make the move from Parksville to Fort St. John this last week. We ferried their belongings across the ocean, climbed over the Rocky Mountains and snaked through the boreal forest.

If anyone has ever lived in the more frigid parts of our country, then the picture below might be chillingly familiar. We aren’t used to this sort of thing though, so we were especially careful.

Moving truckAs you can see, we didn’t face the best driving conditions. We needed to make sure our customer’s belongings were securely protected from damage, so we padded every inch of her things. We padded her chairs, her tables, some baskets, and even her garbage can. With only half of the truck loaded, we had already used up two stacks of padding. When packing, it is hard to overestimate the importance of wrapping your things well. This is especially the case if the weather will be less than ideal.

Leaving Victoria always reminds us of the weather that the rest of the country deals with. Already the beginning of February, and it has really been quite a mild winter for us this year. We haven’t even seen our usual couple days of snow. We aren’t in the clear yet, though. As hard as it is to say, things could still take a turn for the white.

So if we do start to see rougher weather and you are planning a move, remember to pack your stuff well. Because we were careful, our customer’s things all arrived without incident. We hope she is settling in and enjoying her new home in Fort St. John!

Posted on February 7, 2013