Go Green With FrogBox

Frog Box

Go Green With FrogBox

Here at Foster’s Moving, we are proud to be a supporter of a fantastic product called the FrogBox. FrogBoxes are durable and convenient, a great idea for any move. Did you know that FrogBox is also committed to the environment? They were even given the Best Green Business Award in 2011 by Small Business BC.

Ethical and Eco-Friendly

It is no secret that cardboard boxes do take a toll on the environment. FrogBoxes are a green alternative. They are constructed of industrial strength plastic that will be reused hundreds of times instead of taking up space at a landfill. FrogBox also drops off and picks up your boxes with their signature bio-fueled trucks. These run on waste stream bio-diesel (made from recycled cooking oil), this is a step up from traditional bio-diesel (which isn’t as environmental as it sounds).

FrogBox for Frogs

One thing we love about FrogBox is its commitment to its amphibian namesake, the frog. FrogBox donates 1% of its revenue to organizations that protect and restore wetlands and other frog habitats. One third of frog species are actually endangered, making them the most threatened vertebrates on Earth. If they continue declining at their current rate, they will go extinct faster than the dinosaurs did.

 Frogs are an indicator species, this means that they react first to negative changes in their environment. The appearance or disappearance of frogs lets us know how healthy a given ecosystem is. This is important because their wetland homes are crucial not only for the animals they support, but also for filtering our water and protecting us from floods.

If you are thinking about your carbon footprint, consider FrogBoxes the next time you move. Foster’s Moving is happy to work with them anytime.

Posted on February 27, 2013