Furniture Storage Tips

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Furniture Storage Tips

When putting your furniture into storage, there are a few tips to remember. These are some of the things we’ve learned over the years about furniture storage.

The Importance of Mattress Covers

A well-managed furniture storage facility will maintain regular pest control routines, but even the most spic-and-span place can still experience problems. It only takes one person to bring a contaminated item into their unit for pests to spread to neighbouring lockers. Mattresses can be enticing to insects, including dreaded bedbugs, so covering them up is crucial.

Foster’s storage units are individual containers, so infestation problems are not an issue for us like they can be for traditional mini-storage facilities where all lockers are under the same roof. Mattress bags are still a good idea, though. They will prevent moisture problems from developing and keep your mattresses clean. Your bed is where you sleep remember, you need to protect it.

Blankets are your Friends

Furniture should be snugly covered up with a blanket to protect it. This will keep your wooden antiques from getting scratched or your leather couches from being gashed. Glass tabletops or shelves should also be securely wrapped with a blanket to protect them from chipping or cracking.

Plastic Is Fantastic

Plastic shrink-wrap is a great tool for moving your stuff because it holds drawers closed and keeps things in place. It is also good for your upholstery in storage. Not only does it protect it, but it will also keep it fresh.

Think of Furniture Storage as Tetris

To get the most of your storage unit, you’ll need to minimize empty space. This means filling up all of your storage furniture like dressers or trunks. You will want to utilize any shelving that you have available as well.

Things should be packed vertically inside the locker, so put heavy, sturdy items in first and build up on them. Save light, awkwardly shaped things for the top. Utilize any shelving that you have available as well.

Disassemble large furniture where you can, it will be easier to store this way. Couches should be stored up on one end, this will save you space, but it will also prevent their springs from wearing out when things are placed on top of them.

Whether you are going to put your furniture into storage for a month or two or you think you might need it for years, we hope that you’ll find these tips helpful.

Posted on March 21, 2013