A Friend With A Moving Truck

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A Friend With A Moving Truck

Maybe it’s a solid oak entertainment unit on the side of the road with a giant free sign on it. Perhaps it’s an ad in the classifieds for a free piano to whoever will pick it up, or maybe you just feel like picking up a gratuitous amount of groceries. Whatever the case, having a friend with a truck can come in incredibly handy.

dangerous transport

Friends with trucks know this. It’s a part of owning a truck in the first place. If you have a friend with a truck, they probably haven’t had a free Saturday in years. So let’s all take a moment to think of our friends with trucks, and thank them for their sacrifices.

If you don’t have a friend with a truck, finding those large unwieldy gems on the side of the road can be a huge frustration. Measuring, and re-measuring time after time to see what will fit into the back of your Toyota Tercel. It doesn’t matter how many tie straps you use. Some things are too big, and too dangerous to transport with a small vehicle.

We Have a Moving Truck …

So call us!  Let Foster’s Moving be your friend with a truck. As long as the items in question are reasonably close by, we can help you pick up, and deliver safely.

We won’t even ask you for Pizza and Beer. Cash will be fine.

Give your buddies a break. Let them have a Saturday. They will be eternally grateful.

Posted on August 23, 2013