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Climate Controlled Storage For A Hot Summer?

Moving people into and out of storage facilities is a familiar process for us. We are able to supply storage to many of our own clients for long term stays, or sometimes in the short term when the need arises. During all of our time as a company, storage has never been a problem for our customers, because their goods come out of storage in the same condition that they went in.

Storage For Every Season

Indoor climate-controlled storage makes a huge difference to our goods and valuables, and this becomes evident not just in the wet spring and autumn seasons, but in the warm summer months as well.

The same thing happens to your things in storage!Air can carry a surprising amount of moisture. On hot days, it might be carrying more than normal. Evaporated water wants to turn back to its liquid form when it touches something cooler than the air around it, and on summer days that can be just about anything. Maybe it’s your vintage stereo, or your brothers couch that your holding onto for a few months, but that moisture needs to go somewhere to cool down, and if you’re not in a climate controlled storage facility, that moisture will find a nice comfortable place to rest: all over your stuff.

Moisture damage is by far the biggest issue for clients who hold their items in storage, so be sure to protect yourself if you’re planning to keep your things tucked away any longer than a month.

Posted on July 23, 2013