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Moving In Pictures

Posted on January 3, 2013

Video Tips – Packing Plants Away

Glass and dinnerware can be delicate, but household items are as delicate as a houseplant. So how should we pack those? Do we still use a box? Should they be left in the open, or do we need to wrap them? Victoria Mover – Andrew Foster shows us the quickest and best way to pack our plants.

Wow, that looked easy! Here is each step.

– Leave your plants in their ceramic pots.
– Place the pots in the center of your clean packing paper
– Fold the paper upwards (without tucking anywhere) and place the plant in the corner of an open box.
– Do the same with each plant, keeping paper between any ceramics
– If the box is too short, tape the folds to stay standing up, and leave the top portion open. No need to close the box.

Voila! Happy and safe houseplants, ready to move.

Posted on December 7, 2012

Video Tips – Packing Dinner Plates

Last week we learned the right way of packing those tricky wine glasses. This week Andrew focuses on packing away the dinner plates for another day.

It might surprise you how he does it.

Here’s the checklist:

  • Place the plate at the edge of your packing paper.
  • Fold the paper over the first plate, and stack another plate on top.
  • Stack up 3 or 4 plates like this, and finish by tucking the paper around the edges.
  • Place the plates inside the box on edge! This is the best tip for keeping your dinnerware in one piece.

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Posted on November 27, 2012

Video Tips – Packing Wine Glasses

Last week we learned about packing glassware for your move, but not all glasses were created equal. Some glassware is much more fragile. Wine glasses and champagne flutes are known for their fragility. Watch as Andrew Foster shows us the easiest way to store these fragile pieces.

Here’s what we can take away:

  • Just like last weeks video, keep your box at a comfortable height to avoid excessive reaching or bending.
  • Place a liner of clean packing paper in the box before you start.
  • Lay the glass down flat in the center of your paper, and use a few extra sheets as padding.
  • Roll the glass loosely in wrapping paper to provide extra cushion, and place the fragile glasses side-by-side, standing upright in the box.

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Posted on November 16, 2012

Video Tips – Packing Glassware

Want to pack away the kitchen glassware in the safest manner possible? Andrew Foster takes less than a minute to show us the easiest way of doing just that.

Here’s what we can take away.

  1. Tape down the flanges of the box for easy access.
  2. Keep the box at a comfortable height to avoid bending or reaching.
  3. Place clean packing paper in the bottom of the box as a liner.
  4. Lay your glass flat in the center of your paper, fold the edges around, and roll it to finish the wrap.
  5. Arrange your glasses neatly by standing them up against each other in the box.

We’ll have more quick video tips like this coming, so stay tuned!

Posted on November 8, 2012

Welcome to the New Foster’s Moving Blog!

Foster’s Moving and Storage in Victoria is well known for efficiently moving people in and out of their homes and offices. We are less known for moving people with our thoughtful commentary, so maybe we can beg a little patience from you as we introduce the new Foster’s Moving Blog.

If you’re looking for moving tips, or packing instructions, this will be a great place to check in on. We can also use this space to let you know when there are special deals taking place for long haul deliveries, or local Victoria moves.

To make it easier, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and we’ll let you know whenever there is something worth seeing.

There will definitely be some things worth seeing…

Posted on October 30, 2012