Avoiding Back Injury Like A Professional Mover

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Avoiding Back Injury Like A Professional Mover

Anyone who has experienced a back injury can tell you, it’s worth avoiding.  The Internet is full of tips and tricks for proper lifting techniques. Take it slow, bend at the knee, direct movement with your hips, and hold objects close to your body. This post isn’t meant to add to the noise, but I thought you might enjoy a little story about avoiding injury.

A Mover’s Story

A man who worked in employment insurance once told me about a logging company that wanted employees to move equipment around faster. Employees were getting injured, and it was costing the company money.  So the company decided that they would hire a group of professional power lifters from the gym.  These were men that picked up heavy things for fun! Why shouldn’t they do it for money?

Improper lifting technique

Improper lifting technique

When the muscled men arrived for duty, the logging company showed them the equipment and material that needed moving. The response of the lifters was shocking. Each of them walked off the job.  The logging company was asking too much. Lifting heavy awkward material and moving quickly would put the lifters backs at risk, and each lifter understood the importance of a healthy back better than the average worker.  In the end, the company was forced to change their practices.

So what does this teach us?

Knowing the proper techniques for lifting can help us avoid injury, but if something is beyond our ability to lift, there is no shame in asking for help.  Professional movers lift every day, but they also have dollies, skids, and blankets that make certain items much safer to move around.

If something is beyond our capacity to move (yes, sometimes that happens), we can arrange for the proper help to get it done. Nothing is worth a back injury.

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Posted on April 18, 2013