Apartment Moving Tips

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Apartment Moving Tips

There are a large number of apartment buildings in Victoria, and you might think that most of them are easy to move.  You would be right, of course, but even the simplest apartment moves can become an extended chore when the right planning doesn’t take place.

3 Ways To Speed Up Your Apartment Move (And Save Money Doing It)

1) Parking

Some buildings have a designated loading zone.  Some buildings rely on street parking.  Whatever the case, make sure you have access to parking on the day of your move.  Talk to your building manager before hand to make sure that your moving day does not conflict with any construction or large deliveries.

If your parking is limited to the street, try to reserve a spot close to the most convenient entrance.

2) Elevator Access

Having a great view on the 15th floor is such a nice perk, until you need to get your giant sectional sofa to the lobby. Most apartment buildings in Victoria have 2 elevators, and will allow you to reserve one on moving day. Having your own elevator will save you a lot of time (and thus, money).

If your building is limited to a single elevator, letting your building manager know at least a week in advance is considered good form.  They can alert other tenants of the limited elevator service, and they might just provide a key for loading the elevator.

3) Arrange Similar Access To Your New Home

Moving out of apartment number one is fairly simple, but make sure to organize all of the same things for moving in to apartment number two.  Have a key ready for both the floor entrance and your apartment or suite.  Have someone ready to welcome the movers. Have parking ready near the door, and have an elevator ready to go when they get there.  When everything goes smoothly, you can save a lot of time on an apartment move.  Less time moving means a cheap move over all.

It makes you wonder why we tell people this stuff.

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Posted on May 2, 2013