A Fairy Tale Move

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A Fairy Tale Move

A Fairy Tale MoveThere once lived a wisp of a girl with golden hair and locks. Her name was Goldie. She lived in a house that was not too big, and not too small. It was just right.  Well, it had started that way at least. Her grumpy dwarf of a boyfriend had moved in, and the old place was feeling suddenly small indeed.

She told her sister Rapunzel about the problem, and Rapunzel replied with a solution. “Goldie, my dear. The Prince and I are getting married. He wants me to live in that enormous castle of his, and my tower will be left empty. Why don’t you move your things over here?”

The plan sounded just right, so Goldie started arranging everything for moving day.

“We don’t need to hire any movers! I’ve got 6 lazy good for nothing bums that could pack us and move us.” Her boyfriend grumbled.  Goldie was unsure, but she decided to let them try.

6 small men with big appetites set about packing up the cottage. An awful dust was kicked up, and one of them kept sneezing on everything. She found another one sleeping in the pantry, and the rest of them would not stop whistling. To make things worse, they kept asking her to reach all of the higher placed items. It simply would not do.

“Fine, I’ll call a mover in the morning.” Grumbled the dwarf.

The next day, a wolf arrived at the door wearing a very nice sheepskin jacket. He introduced himself as a professional, and asked to be shown around. Goldilocks did so, but she was disturbed to see the wolf licking his lips and rubbing his paws together so frequently.

The wolf was big and he was strong, but there was something terribly wrong.  A creeping sense of unease began to fill Goldie, until she decided to ask more questions.

“Dear Mr. Wolf, what sort of references can you give me?”

“References? My dear sweet girl, do you see these forearms? These are long strong forearms. All the better for lifting.”

“But didn’t you move the little pigs last month?”

“As a matter of fact I did!”

“Didn’t their houses fall down?”

“Only two of them. Bad construction. One of them had a pull out couch and we had to huff and puff to get it out of the door. Unfortunately that blew the house down. The house of bricks was fine however.”

Goldie escorted Mr. Wolf to the door.

When Foster’s arrived to give her a quote, she had almost had enough, but she checked their references and everything seemed good. The workers were friendly, and capable, and the quote was not too high. It was just right!

The move into Rapunzel’s tower went smoothly, and Goldie was very pleased with the way things turned out. “It was like a fairy tale!” She kept saying.

Things didn’t work out happily ever after with the boyfriend though, so she called up Foster’s once more fairly soon after that.

The End

Posted on October 31, 2013