5 Reasons To Ask About Storage

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5 Reasons To Ask About Storage

Things left in storage are usually “for another day”.  When was the last time you looked at your things in the basement or attic?  Storage space is extremely useful, but rarely the first thing on our mind.  Regardless of how useful it is, storage is easy to forget about!  Well here are 5 reasons to remember storage (especially as we enter a new spring season).

1)   Between Housing

Timing isn’t always perfect.  Temporary housing is sometimes necessary when you move from one home to another. Staying with friends or relatives can help to bridge the gap, but most will not have room for all the household items. Dry container storage is an absolute lifesaver at times like this.

2)   That Once In A Lifetime Trip

Europe.  Asia.  Central America.  Your favorite place. A place you have never seen before.  All of these possibilities, and so much more potential.  You have the date set, and your ticket purchased.  Now where will you put all your stuff?  That big backpack with the flag sewed proudly on the back probably isn’t large enough to fit everything on your journey. Store it cheaply, in a container, and come back whenever you’ve seen enough of the planet.

3)   Too Much Stuff!

Victoria has a significant number of great looking apartments. Stylish, affordable dwellings with plenty of light, they’re close to bus routes, and there’s a great little coffee shop just on the corner. The only problem?  You guessed it… storage space. Not everyone can fit the things they own into a smaller living space, so they store their items seasonally. Spring is a good time to pack away those heavy winter clothes, and the ski’s can always come out next year.  Pull out the golf clubs, the box of summer sandals, and the barbeque in preparation for summer.

4)   Estate Storage

Upon the death of a family member, the handling of estate property is a delicate matter that deserves patience and respect. Containers can be rented until the matter of divided property can be resolved. Practical concerns are rarely the priority during such a difficult time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Store it away for another time.

5)   Business Storage

Homes are not the only spaces that run out of room. Businesses need to adjust to the priorities of the day, and when space runs out, new space must be found. Filing cabinets fill up.  Christmas decorations are only supposed to be up for 3 weeks at the most, and those old desk chairs need to go somewhere until someone replies to your Used Victoria ad.

Get A Free Month!

If you are looking for a long term solution for storage space, here’s a tip for you.  Call Andrew using the number at the top of the website. Negotiate a full year of storage, and get a month free!  It’s as easy as that.

Happy Spring cleaning to you!

Posted on April 3, 2013